The ultimate selfness stand for body and mind, with still water, caribbean brown cane sugar, sun-ripened citrus fruits, Energy from Maca tuber from the Peruvian Andes and Mate Tea.


The Maca root (botanical term "Lepidium meyenii") grows on the Peruvian plateau of Junin and Pasco and belongs to the family of cruciferous root vegetable.

This vegetable belongs to the same botanical family as the cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, radish, cress and mustard. This vegetable forms an onion like root beneath the soil with long and strong mainroots and a few thinner side roots. Above the ground it sprouts several short and strong shoots, at the upper part it branches out into lilac like leaves.

The Maca propagates by seeds. When it blooms, the plant carries up to 20 strong and branched out flowery panicles.

After the pollination, which is partly carried out by flies and partly through self-pollination, the blossoms develop into little pods in which the seeds ripen off. (They are similar to the buckwheat fruits).

In principal, Maca is an annual plant. However, vegetation time, ripening and harvest depend strongly on the climatic conditions. If the conditions are poor it may produce and ripen fruits only in the second year of planting. This is not really astonishing if you consider that this root grows under harsh climatical conditions in a altitude of 4200 meters.

Historical sources attribute a strengthening and fertile effect to this root (it has been cultivated over 3000 years).

There are many historical records about the conquest of the Incan empire from 1530 by the Spanish under the command of Pizarro.

The records tell of difficulties finding enough food for the horses while venturing through the Andes. Therefore the Spanish were astonished to meet a healthy and well nourished population.

They soon found the reason for this - the Maca root which served as a basic food in those harsh regions even in those early days. They also fed it to their horses which made them strong and fertile.

In the same way another legend tells about the Incan empire. It says that the Incan leaders used to increase the vitality and fighting strength of their warriors by serving them a Macadish. After the battles the consumption of this dish was immediately stopped and forbidden to prevent the soldiers from too high spirits.

The significant health effect of the Maca isn’t only restricted to fertility and libido, it reaches beyond these thanks to its astonishing richness of nutritionphysiologicaly valuable substances.

The flour gained from the roots contain approx. 60 - 65% carbonhydrate, 10 - 15 % protein, 1 - 2 % fat, 6 - 8 % fibre and 10 - 15 % water.

The Maca also contains a richness of minerals such like calcium, magnesium, phosphor, zinc and iron. It has a remarkable content of easy resorbable iodine, which are important for the thyroid glands and which there is a shortage of in our latitude. The high portion of glykosidsteroids (which plays an important part on the hormonal balance) deserves particular attention as well as the considerate amount of amino acid.

In addition to this, there are the vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E. The small percentage of fat consists of 1/3 valuable linolen acid.

The Maca root is alkaline and therefore useful in reducing the acid strain on our stomach.

The Maca is grown on the Peruvian plateau since centeries and has contributed to the flourishing of the proud Incan people.

Still today the inhabitants of the Andes consider eating Macadishes and they enjoy a long life in good bodily and mental health.

In the regions of its origin, the Maca is prepared and eaten in various different ways: cooked or roasted, dried or pounded into flour.

This flour can be processed into various dishes. It is remarkable that even after years of storage this root hardly looses anything of its vital materials.

In the Andes there is also a well liked and widely spread energy drink made from Maca, glutenfree Amaranth and Quinoa cereal, as well as the local sugarcane.

To date, numerous clinical studies exist about the health benefit of these roots. In the Andes it is consumed to prevent an abundance of illnesses and indispositions which can be avoided or minimized by regular consumption.

The Peruvian traditional medicine can look back upon a broad horizon of experience to which the following described areas of effect belong.

The Maca is used successfully for many purposes since ancient times.

Currently, it is focused upon the steroids content it the root which regulate the hormonal balance. These include in particular, menopausal symptoms, premenstrual symptoms, lack of libido, impotence, and alleviation of hysterectomy.

50% of the adult industrial population show organic and stress-related mental problems of potency and infertility.

The restoration of the reduced potency in men and women, through mental and bodily overload and malnutrition, is entirely possible.

The Maca root’s own energy boost brings the reduced stamina back to normal.

Important features are also it’s generally revitalizing and "roborisierenden" effects, which can be attributed mainly to the amino acids (apart from the steroids) and possibly also to certain non researched polyphenolen.

The main focus of the administering (application) lays upon mental and physical tiredness, lack of drive and determination, memory and concentration problems as well as deficiency of physical capability and endurance. People in the growing area have for generations made many positive experiences regarding this broad spectrum of activity.

There are several specific applications of Maca still awaiting detailed examination and investigation. For example: the prevention of thyroid problems / to stimulate the pancreas / as accompanying measures in the alcohol and drug weaning / for the regeneration and greater elasticity of the skin / to improve sleep patterns / increase visual performance and visual acuity and as a general detoxification of the body.

The analysis indicates that the ingredients of Mac act anti-allergic, antiinflammatory and as immunostimulants.

In addition to the animal fat free energy intake with vitamins and minerals, the Maca to ensures a healthy metabolism.

Also important: There are no detectable opiates etc.!

The consumption of Maca is also recommendable in the following cases:

  · regeneration of life energy and performance under stress
  · burn-out syndrome due to overtaxing and fatigue

Maca is a premium fuel for the drive! So, more and more well-informed athletes rely on Maca because it provides them with an energy boost which enables them to increase their performance reserve and therefore to a clean performance increase without encumbering themselves with steroidal anabolica.

This modern food doesn’t lose its vital ingredients such as vitamins and flavour compounds through crossing or gene manipulation but only through destructive manufacturing methods of industrial production.

The substitutional chemical additives often cause allergic reactions.

If the organism is overloaded with stress and strain over a longer period of time it will inevitably lead to metabolic disorders of the immune system. The consequence of this result in the lack of defence against infection, heart/ circulation problems, rheumatism, diabetes and cancer.

Maca not only recharges the empty energy stores but also restores the infectious and immune system with anti-flammatory and antiallergic prophylactic substances.

Maca is surely one of the very rare foods that still contain a wide range of the most necessary defences and building up substances, which help to prevent disease. Maca and its ingredients (thanks to its origin) is a unique plant and has been the study of more that 4’000 papers at German universities alone.

In its evaluation through nutritionists and doctors always gives rise to astonishment. This root, which is still largely unknown or forgotten in our laltidue, is one of the most valuable food discoveries of the last decades.

Especially attractive is the consumption of Maca because there have been absolutely no side effects reported whatsoever.

Maca can be consumed or drunk continuously and carefree in large amounts and in different flavours.

It is important, that you as the customer exclusively rely on only the approved brand name products which includes the capsule form.